A lot of the following files take too long to load or are no longer available through these links.  So go to Tesse's excellent MULTIMEDIA page at her Parade site for sound files.

This Is Not Over Yet/The Old Red Hills of Home  (from the Tony Awards broadcast)

The Old Red Hills of Home

All the Wasted Time  (28K)(56K)

Songs Cut From Parade

I Have Something To Say

I Didn't Do It

Songs That Didn't Make it on the Cast Album

Watson's Lullaby

Something Ain't Right

It Goes On and On

For those of you (Tesse) who have computers that can't load the above file, I also broke it into two parts.

It Goes On and On  (Part I)

It Goes On and On  (Part II)

Songs With Don Stephenson as Leo Frank

Come Up To My Office

How Can I Call This Home?


Order the original cast album from

Thanks to Matthew at the Unofficial Titanic site for the "All the Wasted Time" files, recorded from The Rosie O'Donnel Show.



At Carolee Carmello Online, the lyrics to some of the songs from Parade are available to view.



From the Rosie O'Donnell Show:



From the Broadway production:





There are several more wonderful photos on Tesse's picture page.

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