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JasonRobertBrown.com is online!

JasonRobertBrown.com is JRB's OFFICIAL website. 
It's handsome and informative, there's a weblog (!) and cool song clips (!) and a list
of upcoming performances (that will actually be updated!) and much much more!

You're going to love it, so go there and bookmark it NOW.

Tuesday, June 28, Sh-K-Boom Records will release JASON ROBERT BROWN's solo album, "Wearing Someone Else's Clothes".  Go to www.sh-k-boom.com for more information.  Here will be doing the following concerts to promote the release: 

JUNE 10 and 11:  Jason Robert Brown and the Caucasian Rhythm Kings at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, CA at 8 p.m. both nights.  Tickets are $25 or $35, and you can call (818) 508-4200.  The El Portal Theater is located at 5269 Lankershim Blvd.

JUNE 27, 29, JULY 1-3: JRB and the CRK at Le Jazz Au Bar in Manhattan, 8 p.m.   You can call (212) 308-9455 to reserve tickets now.

Chicago Critic review of Northwestern University's Parade

Philadelphia Weekly review of Villanova University production

Bailiwick's production makes the Chicago Tribune's "Our Critics' Choices" list:

Bailiwick operates on relatively small budgets and draws from a non-Equity pool. And David Zak's production is by no means flawless. But especially for lovers of contemporary musicals who'd rather drop $30 than $80, these issues do not constitute reasons to pass this superb musical by. Directed with passion and daring, it is very skillfully cast. There is a stellar little orchestra providing the musical accompaniment. The show is capably sung across the board and, on occasion, the vocals are exceptional. And most important, the married couple at the center of the story of a trumped-up murder case born of anti-Semitism is very well played; through May 29 at the Bailiwick Arts Center, 1229 W. Belmont Ave., $25-$30; 773-883-1090.

A review of the Bailiwick production
Follow-up review

The Chicago Tribune review

A review for the recent L.A. Musical Theatre Guild staging of Parade

Baltimore City Paper names Bill Kamberger, director of the Fells Point Parade, Best Stage Director
in the Best of Baltimore 2003.  Read about it here .

Wonder of wonders!  Miracle of miracles!  Eons after it was first announced, The New American Musical ,
an anthology including the script of PARADE, is finally released!

Review of recent TheaterWorks production

A new page has been created to archive the list (and reviews)
of past regional productions of PARADE

Baltimore Citypaper Online names Fells Point PARADE one of the year's Top Ten on stage:

9 - Parade at Fells Point Corner Theatre For Baltimore's theater enthusiasts, Parade began Fells Point Corner Theatre's 2002 season on a high note. Both director Bill Kamberger and his 35-member cast pooled limited resources to tackle a complex musical--about the 1913 mob lynching of Leo Frank--in which songs and drama were elaborately interwoven. So the musical had some great numbers, but it also had the impact of an intense, and sometimes funny, play. Fortunately, lyricist Jason Robert Brown avoided turning Parade into a politically correct tearjerker. In the tradition of his mentor, Stephen Sondheim, he ratcheted up the dark humor, which he used to create a colorful confederacy of misfits: good, ol' boys, Southern-belle wannabes, corrupt politicians, Bible thumpers, crusty Civil War veterans, chain gangs, and, at the bottom, blacks and Jews. (JB)

Here's an oldie:  Read the interview that The Dramatist magazine did with Jason Robert Brown back in '99, shortly after he won the Tony for his work on PARADE.

Lauren Kennedy's solo album, featuring the music of Jason Robert Brown, was released on March 4, 2003
on the ps classics label.  Take a look at the song list .

Sad news:  Don Chastain, the actor who played the Old Soldier and Judge Roan in the original Broadway production of Parade, just passed away.  Playbill Online has written a nice obituary for this fine actor.

Upcoming Productions of PARADE:

Bailiwick Repertory Theatre
Chicago, IL
April 22 - May 29, 2004
(773) 883-1090

Rockville, MD
June 2004

Click HERE for information and reviews of Past Productions

MTI now has information on how to license the show on their web site, as well as all the necessary production facts and figures and general info about the show.  Now's your chance - go, ye theater groups and universities, produce PARADE!

Find out more information on Jason Robert Brown's latest show,
The Last Five Years .

In a January article in Metromix about the Best (Chicago) Theater Moments in 2000, writer Chris Jones proclaimed PARADE the 'Best Show We Never Saw Here ':

"The superb road production of "Parade" (a Broadway musical by Alfred Uhry and
Jason Robert Brown) was supposed to come to the Cadillac Palace Theatre last
summer. But the booking was unwisely cancelled, meaning that local audiences
never got to experience the most moving, compelling and exquisitely produced show of the year — bar none."

David Pittu was voted Best Actor in a Musical in the first annual National Broadway Theatre Awards.  Congratulations!

The PARADE tour received the following nominations for the first annual National Broadway Theatre Awards :

Best Musical
Best Actor:  David Pittu
Best Actress:  Andrea Burns
Best Score:  Jason Robert Brown
Best Song:  "Old Red Hills of Home"
Best Director:  Harold Prince
Best Choreography:  Pat Birch

The Theatre Communications Group will publish the PARADE script (along with a few others, like FLOYD COLLINS and the LaChiusa THE WILD PARTY) in a forthcoming anthology edited by Wiley Hausam called The New American Musical .

The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology Volume 3
was just published and includes some songs from Parade :

"This Is Not Over Yet,"  "Old Red Hills of Home"  (Tenor)
"You Don't Know This Man," "My Child Will Forgive Me  (Mezzo-soprano/Alto)
"It's Hard to Speak My Heart"  (Baritone/Bass)

parade tour don't make sense

The Parade tour ended in Cleveland on 10/29/00.
To see photos, reviews, articles, and other information,
take a look at The Tour page.

show music cover

The Summer 2000 Show Music Magazine features the entire LIBRETTO for Parade, along with many never before seen photographs of the original production.  There is also an article where Alfred Uhry and Jason Robert Brown discuss some stuff about the show.  Visit the publisher's website here , where you can order a copy.

The vocal selections are now available!
For a song list and other information, click here .

You can get *excerpts* of the libretto right now if you get the latest edition of the Burns Mantle Theatre Yearbook:  The Best Plays of 1998-1999

  The PARADE Mailing List:  To subscribe, click here .

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