Theatrical bright side to Atlanta's dark story
              'Parade' enjoys a fine run at Fox
                  Dan Hulbert - Staff
                  Tuesday, June 20, 2000

                  "Parade" sold 16,000 seats and grossed $437,000
                  for its weeklong run at the Fox Theatre, a "success
                  in every way," says Christopher Manos, producer of
                  Theater of the Stars.

                  A success, that is, for a musical drama based on
                  the Leo Frank case, which paints a pretty dark
                  picture of Atlanta at the turn of the century. As
                  expected, the ticket sales represented only half the
                  seats that were put up for sale in the Fox --- one of
                  the largest legitimate theaters in the nation. The
                  same 16,000 tickets would have sold out the Vivian
                  Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center, where
                  "Parade" premiered and struggled for two months in

                  "We didn't choose 'Parade' to make money," Manos
                  said. "But we wanted to generate excitement, and
                  from the feedback I'd say we did that. (Director) Hal
                  Prince was ecstatic and feeling very upbeat about
                  the coming tour."

                  The show travels to Memphis; Dallas; St. Paul, Minn.; Pittsburgh; Green
                  Bay, Wis.; Denver; Seattle; and Cleveland. As original producer of the tour,
                  Manos will receive a fee from those theaters and a percentage of box
                  office, which he expects will cover the musical's pre-production cost of $1

                  Prince, one of Broadway's most distinguished directors, has said that he
                  would like to use the tour to demonstrate the show's viability to financial
                  supporters for a possible second New York run.

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