The Album

Album produced by Jeffrey Lesser
Recorded and mixed by Jeffrey Lesser
Associate album producer  Jason Robert Brown
Recorded at RPM Studios, New York City, January 13-14, 1996
Additional engineering by Mike Krowiak;  assisted by Bogdan

Ty Taylor's vocals recorded at Knoop Music, River Edge, NJ
January 25 & February 1, 1996

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Masterdisk

A&R Direction for RCA Victor  Bill Rosenfield

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Customer Comments ('ssite)

A Music Fan from New York , June 5, 1999
Beautiful Precursor to Parade
I hesitate to only give four stars to my favorite new composer for his shimmering debut album...however I feel a distinction must be made from this first work and his positively transcendent Parade score. This is an enjoyable, inspirational & intelligently written group of songs masterfully performed by four soaring vocalists. There are one or two tracks that tend to be long-winded and a little weak...but this is most definitley the exception on this largely delightful disc. But for those of you who didn't get to experience Brown's Parade during it's sadly short Broadway simply must acqurire a copy of the stunningly produced cast album...nothing can match the thrill of seeing it live...but this album comes as close as heaven will allow.

A music fan from South Wales, UK , May 24, 1999
Simply Astounding!!
If you only buy 1 CD at today, make sure it's this one!! Every song is a winner. The talent of this one man is incredible and so are the cast. A fine addition to the collection of anyone who loves good musicals and well-written music. Pure magic!! from Ohio, USA , May 19, 1999
Awesome Soundtrack!!
This Soundtrack is absolutely amazing. The music is wonderful and very moving. The best songs are "Stars and the Moon", "Christmas Lulluby", and "I'd Give It All For YOu"

A music fan from Washington State , April 30, 1999
Oh My God!
Where has Jason Robert Brown been hiding all my life? This recording is absolutely amazing. His songs are so melodic, and his lyrics actually make sense (unlike several established Broadway lyricists).
The opening is a complete joy, but the one that hit me was Jessica Molaskey singing "Stars and the Moon." My goodness. I was taken so far aback by the breathtaking refrain and the lyrics that shone through clear as day. "Christmas Lullaby" was another high point of the show . . . an amazing piece of work. "The World Was Dancing" is another particular favorite of mine.
I am anxiously awaiting my "Parade" cast album so I can see more work from this exceptional young composer. I also hope to see more work from him soon.

A music fan from Salt Lake City, Utah , April 20, 1999
Jason Robert Brown proves he is the among the foremost faces of Broadway's future in this wonderfully eclectic group of songs from his cabaret style show. The talent on this recording is amazing, and the songs are brilliant. It is my current favorite and among my top ten of all time Broadway CD's.

Kenton Williams ( from Allentown, PA by way of New York City , February 8, 1999
American musicals can live w/o Sondheim!! It's a New World.
Who are you and where did you come from Jason Robert Brown? "Songs for a New World" proves that there are still good young writers left. A musical genius who also can write incredible lyrics, almost every single track on the 16 song album gives even the most jaded musical theater critic hope for a brighter future. Defying the theory that composer-lyricists do not exist (and defying Adam Guettel, alleged heir to Sondheim's throne), Brown creates a masterpiece essential to CD collections of people who like music, not just people who like musicals. And he's barely 30! Watch this kid; he's really that good. Also, if in New York before Feb. 28, 1999, GO SEE PARADE!!! Unfortunately, another great show is closing because of money issues. Still, look for Jason Robert Brown to be at the forefront of musical theater in the 21st century.

A music fan from Olney MD , February 7, 1999
It sent chills up my spine and brought tears to my eyes!
Fabulous! I can't wait to find the score! Soaring voices, driving rhythms, character songs...this album is reminiscent of the styles of Malty/Shire& Stephen Sondheim.

Drayton( from NY, New York , August 7, 1998
A Stunning Debut
Isn't it amazing how talent can emerge? The same season that saw the New York premiere of "Floyd Collins" by Adam Guettel, undoubtedly the most brilliant new composer-lyricist working today, saw the premiere of "Songs for a New World", a song cycle by another intelligent and promising composer-lyricist, Jason Robert Brown. In this impressive collection of songs, Brown explores human need and yearning as experience by a variety of people throughout the four hundred years since America was "founded" by Columbus.
Weaving in and out of various time frames, historical figures, and everyday people, Brown makes a dramatic statement of an undeniable power. The scope of his dramatic canvas is only matched by the scope of his music, which ranges from the extremely tuneful opening number to challenging and intricate songs dealing with Christopher Columbus and a flagmaker to simple pieces such as the utterly beautiful "Mother Mary". Most impressive though, and this is what seperates "Songs" (and also Guettel's recent offering "Saturn Returns") from simply being a revue, is that Brown is able to maintain a musical through-line in the piece, so that the songs, no matter how disparate in time and place, maintain their relationship with each other. These songs really fit together! And with the vocal talents of Brooks Ashmanskas, Andrea Burns, Jessica Molaskey, and Ty Taylor, you'll want to listen to this album again and again.
A stunning new talent in the musical theatre world who is barely even thirty, Jason Robert Brown is about to unveil his new musical, "Parade", at Lincoln Center in November 1998. I already have my ticket.

Brian Katz ( from Berkeley, CA , August 5, 1998
Could he be the next Sondheim?
This is one of the best new albums I have heard. I bought it almost a half year now, and it has gotten constant play. The music is jazzy and intricate, and the lyrics are amazing for someone so young. In fact, the lyrics are equal to a Finn (falsettos) and the subtext will remind you of a Sondheim. The characters are interesting and the overall tone is hopeful, but not cheesy.

I highly recommend this for anyone who cares about the future of the musical theatre.

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