1. The Old Red Hills of Home (6:32)
This is as performed at LCT, but the musical transition between the Soldier
and the Old Soldier has been restored to its workshop version.
2. The Dream of Atlanta (0:30)
3. How Can I Call This Home? (2:51)
4. The Picture Show (1:52)
5. Leo at Work/ What Am I Waiting For? (2:41)
6. Interrogation: "I am trying to remember..." (2:02)
All of Newt's music is retained, but Mrs. Phagan's brief musical
introduction is cut, as is a lot of the dialogue between Leo and the
7. Big News! (3:05)
8. Funeral: "It Don't Make Sense" (5:55)
A small piece of Brit Craig's narration is cut, and the second verse ("She
had two crooked teeth...") has been restored.
[Watson's Lullaby - not recorded]
[Somethin' Ain't Right - recorded, but it didn't make it on to the final master]
9. Real Big News! (3:42)
Britt's second verse, cut during the workshop, has been restored, and the
whole number has been restored to its original (uninterrupted) structure.
10. You Don't Know This Man (2:11)
11. The Trial: People of Atlanta (0:55)
12. Twenty Miles from Marietta (1:10)
Dorsey's second verse, cut in rehearsals, is partially restored.
13. Frankie's Testimony (1:16)
The crowd's outburst at the end was recorded but deleted.
14. Factory Girls/Come Up to My Office (3:57)
[Newt Lee's Testimony - not recorded]
15. My Child Will Forgive Me (2:36)
Dorsey's "counterpoint" was not recorded.
16. That's What He Said (3:49)
17. It's Hard to Speak My Heart (2:44)
18. Summation and Cakewalk (2:18)
Keep your ears open during the "Guilty" section: among the jurors are Hal
Prince, JRB, Eric Stern and Don Sebesky.
[It Goes On and On - recorded, but not on the final master]
19. A Rumblin' and a Rollin' (3:28)
20. Do It Alone (2:13)
21. Pretty Music (2:16)
This was re-routined to delete all the dialogue interruptions, and a new
ending was added.
22. Letter to the Governor (1:45)
23. This Is Not Over Yet (2:49)
[This is Not Over Yet Reprises - not recorded]
24. Blues: Feel the Rain Fall (3:58)
25. Where Will You Stand When the Flood Comes? (3:43)
26. All the Wasted Time (4:41)
27. Sh'ma (0:38)
28. Finale (3:03)

The total timing is 78:56.  The booklet contains all the lyrics, an essay
by Thomas Cott (marketing director at LCT), an introductory note by Alfred
Uhry (reprinted from the Playbill), and a long essay by JRB.  Additionally,
there are about fifteen photos, some in color, sprinkled throughout. The
recording was produced by Jeffrey Lesser (Songs for a New World), and uses
the full cast and orchestra from the Lincoln Center production.

(Many thanks to Jason Robert Brown for forwarding this information to me.)