The Last Five Years - Jason Robert Brown
Sh-K-Boom Records 4001-2
Musical Stages UK Review

The original cast recording of this year's New York Drama Desk Award-winning
show, The Last Five Years, is an extraordinary listening experience: a
complete musical love story on one CD.  Apart from the most melodic set of
songs to be connected to a new musical, the storytelling makes it
contemporary and an essential part of any collector's library.

It is an innovative show that chronicles a young couple's five-year
relationship.  Her story starts at the end of her marriage and moves
backwards in time.  His begins on the day they met and moves forward.  The
singing is natural and easy on the ear by acclaimed Broadway theatre
performers, Sherie Rene Scott and Norbert Lee Butz and compellingly
cinematic making the most of every modern nuance associated with matters of
the heart.

Jason Robert Brown is, without doubt, leading the generation of new writers
coming from America.  As the writer, lyricist, and composer of this show, he
will surely find an audience in the UK ready to acknowledge his talent.

In the meantime, until the show arrives on these shores, this sparkling
recording will do more than wet your appetite.  You will be humming the

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The Last Five Years