for a
new world

Lord, you gotta stop
Take a look at your children
Who believe in this promised land.
Have mercy, Lord
Stop their suffering and their woe.
Stop, shine Your light on these children
Who have faith in Your guiding hand.

Take a look at the children
At the children
Who believe in this promised land
You gotta have mercy, Lord,
Have mercy, Lord
Give us strength
So that we can grow.


New and Noteworthy

A preview article and a review of the Masquerade Theatre's current production in Houston

The vocal selections have been released!
Find out more here .

We've got a bunch of new stuff for you to look over.  First, a lovely and reflective little introductory note that Jason Robert Brown wrote for a recent production of SFANW.

Second, a slew of reviews and features from the original 1995 production at the WPA Theatre here in NYC:

TimeOut , New York Times , Variety , New York Post , Newsday , OGGI , Back Stage , The Hollywood Reporter , New York Daily News , New York Law Journal

TimeOut Interview with JRB , Encore Magazine

Find out more about Jason Robert Brown's latest show, The Last Five Years .

Look for new productions of SFANW in:
*San Diego, CA*
October/November 2002

*Philadelphia, PA*
November 2002

*Roslyn, NY*
November 7-9, 2002

*Lansing, MI*
May 22 - June 1, 2003


Check the PRODUCTIONS page for detailed information on these shows.


Currently, the music for STARS AND THE MOON can be found in the vocal selections book for Audra McDonald's Way Back to Paradise album and in the Mezzo-soprano/Alto edition of The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology Volume 3 .  The music to CHRISTMAS LULLABY is in the Soprano edition of the same volume.

Please e-mail me if you are doing a production of the show, or you know of someone who is -- I'll put info about it on the PRODUCTIONS page.


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